Enact Academy's Mission ...

Since Enact Academy’s inception we have offered drama and arts tuition that has built the confidence of our pupils and created a basis for their dreams and careers.

For talented children and young adults that want to gain experience and develop their skills, or even for those who are shy and looking to gain confidence, Enact Academy offers a safe, fun and friendly environment to learn and explore all aspects of performing arts. 

We do not conform to the norm. At Enact Academy we value the importance of drama, dance and singing skills, but our horizons include so much more. We listen to our pupils and nurture opportunities within the arts that they are interested in.

Our prospectus is endless, from dance technique to radio, stage management to costume design. We believe that performance isn’t just about stepping into the spotlight – it’s about the arts world in general; if the mind can conceive, we aim to achieve. Our basic structure includes drama tuition that encourages the imagination to thrive. It’s an ideal place to make friends, work as a team and build upon self-esteem. Movement and dance sessions help to encourage a fit and active healthy lifestyle, as well as including dance basics; co-ordination is key for all children growing up.

We also offer all our pupils the chance to sing without any pressure, from exciting musical numbers to the classics. More often than not, you will find us working on exciting projects within classes ending each term with a fantastic display of the pupils’ skills.

These are events not to be missed!

People think stage school is a little star factory but the truth is kids like me learned about being in a team situation and going out to work earlier than a lot of kids did. I don't know anyone from drama school who is now sat on their arse doing nothing. - Amy Winehouse