Intermediate Performers 

(9 - 13 years) 

This is the mid-age range group of our main weekend stage school. Classes run each Saturday during term time, and consist of two and a half hours tuition.This class starts to build on the basis of dramatic art and performance syllabus. Pupils will start to learn more advanced techniques within all performance areas including working with advanced scripts, multimedia and backstage production.Different areas of our prospectus will be explored throughout the terms and the Inters will start to work on more advanced productions and projects – including opportunities within community projects and events. All classes are run by professionals currently working within the industry, all of whom bring a wealth of teaching experience and are DBS checked. This class will teach pupils the importance of professionalism within all the arts and help aid them down any performance path they wish to take.

At this level of tuition Enact Academy is aware that each pupil will have a different interest within Performing Arts. From singing & dancing to stage management or technical production - we ensure your child has the chance to develop their interests! 

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Classes are every Saturday

10am - 12pm 

Mile Oak Community Centre

Main Hall 


The cost of each weekly class is £12!

Your first session is free!

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How Enact Intermediate Performers classes work: 

Enact Academy’s Intermediates class is a more comprehensive study into performance and performance techniques than those explored within the juniors class. Within these classes the Inters will start to build on artistic foundations and study a range of techniques in depth. This is where pupils will start to approach performance professionally whilst also exploring technical and artistic areas of production. The Enact Academy prospectus widens at this age level and pupils will get the opportunity to experience a variety of different specialist classes! In addition to creating theatre in its many forms, children benefit from seeing it and experiencing it at a higher skill base. The Enact Intermediates are often merged with The Enact Juniors class, providing each group the opportunity to make new friends and learn from each other.

What to expect from a weekly class: 

  • Warm up & cool down routines

  • Learn and use a variety of dramatic conventions to explore ideas, issues, texts and meaning

  • Explore ways to convey action, character, atmosphere and tension in scripting and performing plays, eg through dialogue, movement, pace

  • Working with structure and organisation of scenes and plays contribute to dramatic effect

  • Enact Inters will participate in Annual Performances so some weekly sessions will be rehearsal based

  • Intermediate pupils at Enact Academy will also evaluate critically the intentions and performance of dramas in which they have participated or have watched